Do you eat healthy foods? Do you exercise regularly, maybe even meditate or read self-help books too? Congratulations, because you probably have Orthorexia!

There is a growing trend amongst millennials who have an over-fixation on having a healthy lifestyle, which can cause broad consequences for our mental health and society’s health as a whole.

In this article, you will develop greater awareness of the activities you do regularly in the area of self-improvement.

Orthorexia was initially proposed in 1997 to describe somebody who had an obsessive focus on food choice, planning, and consumption. …

As I sit here typing this, every voice in my head screams, begging me to do something else, anything as long as it isn’t writing this article.

Sound familiar? If you’re like most of the population, you’ve encountered procrastination and may even be categorized as a chronic procrastinator. There are loads of advice on how to defeat procrastination, but many fail to dig deep into the root cause and only attempt to provide bandaids to the problem.

What you’ll learn in this article is the psychology behind why we procrastinate and how to defeat it once and for all.


We are going through challenging times. Over 200,000 Americans are predicted to die by the end of the year, and current employment is higher than the Great Depression. So the question I propose is how we can stay sane, not only for ourselves but for those around us?

When the work-week blends into the weekend, it’s firstly important to keep a routine. There is a saying that routine will set you free because it eliminates the willpower required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The most challenging part about these times is answering the question, How can we be there for…

I want to take a moment and share a personal story. I recall when I sold my last company, PacificHost.

I can still remember that moment vividly. There I was in the boardroom of the company getting ready to acquire everything I had worked so hard to build over the past few years. It was full of their company directors and executive staff and I was intimidated by all these people here to buy something I had created only a few years prior.

They put the final acquisition papers on the table and I signed them along with a big…

With new gadgets constantly flooding the market, promising to tell you everything from your heart rate to how many calories you’ve burned, it’s about time that a similar device finally exists for your brain.

Meet the Muse; simply put the band around your head, and it will measure the electrical activity in your brain. This info can help you achieve a greater sense of mindfulness and focus in all aspects of your daily life.

According to Muse, using the device for just 3 minutes a day will help you improve focus and concentration. They go on to make claims, promising…

It’s hard to imagine that we are barely a century away from the invention of the automobile and the airplane. The rate of advancement in technology and science is stunning, and it seems sometimes as if there is no problem that we can’t solve. While that might be true for science, it may not be true in the arena of personal health. Recent studies continue to show that we are facing an epidemic of depression, as anxiety, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts are higher in young adults than ever before.

This increase is largely attributed to the expansion of digital devices…

The following story was originally told as a speech by Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach.

Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky. The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but… it landed on another lady in the group. …

You might have heard of the open-source Linux Operating system(OS) known as Ubuntu. It was first released in 2014 and is now one of the most popular OS’s on the planet. It is behind the world’s fastest supercomputer, runs on the most web servers around the world, and is even behind the technology used by Google’s Self-driving car.

But do you know what “Ubuntu” actually means?

The story goes that an Anthropologist proposed a game to African tribal children. He placed a basket of sweets near a tree, and then had them stand a few hundred feet away. …

A story that originated in the early 70’s details a time that somebody submitted a complaint to Pontiac. It was a tradition in his family to buy ice-cream for his family after dinner each night, but he was having problems starting his car after buying a certain type of ice cream.

The man had recently purchased the new car and hasn’t had issues with the car starting on any of his other trips. Regardless, every-time he bought vanilla ice-cream, the car wouldn’t start. …

In the early 1970’s, India started it’s first space program with the intent to launch India’s first satellite into space, called SLV-3. Their goal was launch a satellite into orbit by 1980.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was appointed as the project director, and by late 1979 they had everything ready and were a go for launch. At four minutes to launch, the computer went through a checklist of items and put the launch on hold after the display showed that some control components were not working properly.

Mr. Kalam had a team of experts on hand who told him not…

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Founder of $12m SupportNinja, Author of From Foster Care to Millionaire book, Host of Podcast

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