How And Why You Should Be Optimistic

The Benefits of being Optimistic

Improved health

Increased longevity

Optimism and depression

More enjoyable life

Why do people view things differently?

How to learn optimism

Explanatory theory

Cognitive training

  • Adversity — This is the event that causes stress.
  • Belief — This is how a person interprets the event
  • Consequence — The resulting action from the belief caused by the adversity.
  • Disputation — Using evidence to challenge negative thoughts from A-C.
  • Energizing — Once a person is able to condition themselves into positive thoughts and behaviors in response to A, B-D will eventually lead to a person feeling more energized.

It’s also possible to create a more optimistic environment for yourself and others.

Flexible Optimism

Knowing when to use optimism

What next?

  1. Wisdom and knowledge
  2. Courage
  3. Love and humanity
  4. Justice
  5. Temperance
  6. Spirituality and transcendence.



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